Install CasperJS in windows 7

Following things/steps help me to install and run casperjs on my windows machine properly:


Node Package Manager

step 01: Install node package manager by following this simple 4 min video

step 02: Install phantomJS using the following command

npm install phantomjs2

Check this link for more details.

step 03: Run the following command 

npm install casperjs

To get the phantomjs and casperjs module in command line, add this to windows bin path. To edit the bin path follow this:

  1. Right click on my computer and click on `Properties`
  2. go to `advanced system settings`
  3. click `Enviroment variables`
  4. from system variables section, select `path` and click on `Edit`
  5. now add caseperjs and phantomjs path like this at the end of path variable:

where `WINDOWS_GLOBAL_NODE_MODULES_PATH` = Your machine node modules path.
6. To get this path run

npm list -g

First line of the command output is the path.

Now you are all set and check the casperjs command in command line.


Note: NPM is the best tool for javascript based development. so once you set it up, every new thing is easy to setup.